Monday, October 29, 2007

Amazon, how do I love thee

I've been a bad blogger - but there's just been waaaay too much going on, like doing very important work things like getting ready for the Ombudsman's visit, getting my transfer to Melbourne approved, making an application to VTAC so I can continue studying law in Semester 2 of 2008, having godparents visiting, friends winning ARIA Awards, spending way too much time on Ravelry, studying for my exams in three weeks (yikes!)

And getting really nice things in the post from Amazon.


Like I need more knitting books.

But Amazon brings me fabulous books that I either can't get here or have to pay vastly inflated prices, and with the dollar being so perky at the moment I couldn't resist.

And I've finished pair number 2 for SSS and am up to number 3.

Oops, gotta go and have some dinner before I head off to singing rehearsal!

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