Monday, October 29, 2007

Amazon, how do I love thee

I've been a bad blogger - but there's just been waaaay too much going on, like doing very important work things like getting ready for the Ombudsman's visit, getting my transfer to Melbourne approved, making an application to VTAC so I can continue studying law in Semester 2 of 2008, having godparents visiting, friends winning ARIA Awards, spending way too much time on Ravelry, studying for my exams in three weeks (yikes!)

And getting really nice things in the post from Amazon.


Like I need more knitting books.

But Amazon brings me fabulous books that I either can't get here or have to pay vastly inflated prices, and with the dollar being so perky at the moment I couldn't resist.

And I've finished pair number 2 for SSS and am up to number 3.

Oops, gotta go and have some dinner before I head off to singing rehearsal!

Monday, October 15, 2007



Thanks to Judge John Deed again, I've finished my first pair of SSS socks.

They were supposed to be for me, but when I tried on the first one, it was a little small, so I've passed them on the missus.

And I've now started swatching for pair number 2 - Monkeys with The Knittery's merino sock yarn.

I'm not sure what colourway this is - I've had the yarn in the stash for a while and so the label's long gone.

Spent a considerable amount of time yesterday in the library at Uni catching up on some Contract reading.

After the bitter disappointment of Criminal Law on Monday, I picked up my Contracts paper on Wednesday and scored a credit which I'm happy with 'cause: (a) I find contracts really boring, and (b) I left it to the last minute to write.

I've now come to the realisation that I set high expectations of myself and that unless I want to be studying 24/7 I'm going to have to be satisfied with credits and passes.

And I'm totally fine with that :-)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

But wait there's more

I thought I'd be safe from anything else going wrong yesterday when I went to bed - fool!

My partner finishes work late (10.30pm), so I'm usually in bed when she comes home. And to try and reduce the noise factor, I close the bedroom door.

So last night I'm in bed, asleep, and something wakes me. Then I hear something that sounds like tapping on the front door. I ain't going nowhere at that point, just packing death that it's a burglar (yes, of course burglars knock on the door before coming in and stealing your DVD).

But then I'm very much alert. So I get up and open the bedroom door and I can hear my phone ringing - aha, maybe the tap on the door is friend and not foe.

And then I hear my partner calling my name - she's lost the house keys and has been trying to wake me for about 15mins without waking the rest of the street.

So that just topped off a day of mega highs and lows - sheesh, I don't remember killing a puppy and I don't think it was a full moon...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Days Like These...

What's that song - Mum never said there'd be days like these?


It all started so well - I got to work and before I had to head off to day 5 of the course I've been doing (and the last day) I got an email confirming that my relocation to the Melbourne Office had been approved. Of course I then got up from my desk and did my happy dance - much to the amusement of my co-workers!

Then I realised I'd lost an earring somewhere between home and my desk - no big deal - they were just plain silver hoops that I bought from Diva. But I feel a bit naked without them.

Off to day 5 of my course - the big day where we all had to deliver a 20min training session on which we'll be assessed. Went okay, so I'm happy with that.

During the lunchtime break I checked my emails and got my Ravelry invite - WAHOO! This is me!

Then I had to go to Uni for 3 hrs - two lectures back to back AND I got to pick up my Criminal Law assignment which I didn't do so well on. I passed but I'm VERY disappointed with the mark and I honestly think I've been jipped :-(

Ah well, tomorrow's another day and I'm on Ravelry and I'm moving to Melbourne next year. Yes, focus on the good stuff!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Task avoidance syndrome

I can be easily distracted and this week's been a doozy!

I've become a bit obsessive about the SSS - wanting to buy up all the sock yarn that I can possibly find. BUT I've shown remarkable restraint and on Thursday managed to come home with only two new sets of Knit Picks needles and one ball of sock yarn.

But, there's some coming that I won on ebay from The Knittery, and I'm eyeing off some Tofutsies from another ebay seller.

Yesterday morning I'd reached the foot of sock number 1 and was feeling rather pleased with myself.

I'm sooo loving my Knit Picks - they're nice and sharp and sturdy! The Tulip bamboos were bending and I was so worried one was gonna snap and that was totally slowing me down.

So thanks to 'Wire in the Blood' on Friday night and 'Judge John Deed' last night, I've now finished sock number 1.

Of course, what I really should have been doing was homework for the 5day course I'm doing at work - a Train the Trainer course, or studying for Uni.

Uni exams are in the second week of November, so once they're done it'll be all about the knitting, oh and getting ready to move to Melbourne. But more about that later...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

And we're off!

In a perfect world I'd have all the time I wanted to knit. Yeah, like that's gonna happen!

Last week was mid-semester break from Uni - an opportunity for me to catch up a bit on my reading - partially successful, but I've got more to do before I'll feel reasonably confident about the exams that are looming large on the not too distant horizon.

So, not very much time for knitting. And the long weekend was a bit of a write-off 'cause my mother-in-law and sister-in-law lobbed at lunchtime on Sunday as we were off to see Josh Groban at the Sydney Opera House - he's such a noice boy and a fantastic talent!

And the in-laws didn't leave until about 3.30pm yesterday afternoon. And of course by that time the missus and I were absolutely knackered and all we wanted to do was have a Bex and a lie-down.

But, I did manage to cast on for Socks number 1:

It's a pretty shonky picture, but I wanted to get one done at the beginning. I've put the WIP aside (the baby cardie) for now to make sure I get going on the KAL! So we're off and running.