Monday, October 15, 2007



Thanks to Judge John Deed again, I've finished my first pair of SSS socks.

They were supposed to be for me, but when I tried on the first one, it was a little small, so I've passed them on the missus.

And I've now started swatching for pair number 2 - Monkeys with The Knittery's merino sock yarn.

I'm not sure what colourway this is - I've had the yarn in the stash for a while and so the label's long gone.

Spent a considerable amount of time yesterday in the library at Uni catching up on some Contract reading.

After the bitter disappointment of Criminal Law on Monday, I picked up my Contracts paper on Wednesday and scored a credit which I'm happy with 'cause: (a) I find contracts really boring, and (b) I left it to the last minute to write.

I've now come to the realisation that I set high expectations of myself and that unless I want to be studying 24/7 I'm going to have to be satisfied with credits and passes.

And I'm totally fine with that :-)

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Rose Red said...

I like your stripey socks and the colour of the yarn from the Knittery is fabulous!