Monday, October 8, 2007

Task avoidance syndrome

I can be easily distracted and this week's been a doozy!

I've become a bit obsessive about the SSS - wanting to buy up all the sock yarn that I can possibly find. BUT I've shown remarkable restraint and on Thursday managed to come home with only two new sets of Knit Picks needles and one ball of sock yarn.

But, there's some coming that I won on ebay from The Knittery, and I'm eyeing off some Tofutsies from another ebay seller.

Yesterday morning I'd reached the foot of sock number 1 and was feeling rather pleased with myself.

I'm sooo loving my Knit Picks - they're nice and sharp and sturdy! The Tulip bamboos were bending and I was so worried one was gonna snap and that was totally slowing me down.

So thanks to 'Wire in the Blood' on Friday night and 'Judge John Deed' last night, I've now finished sock number 1.

Of course, what I really should have been doing was homework for the 5day course I'm doing at work - a Train the Trainer course, or studying for Uni.

Uni exams are in the second week of November, so once they're done it'll be all about the knitting, oh and getting ready to move to Melbourne. But more about that later...

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