Wednesday, October 10, 2007

But wait there's more

I thought I'd be safe from anything else going wrong yesterday when I went to bed - fool!

My partner finishes work late (10.30pm), so I'm usually in bed when she comes home. And to try and reduce the noise factor, I close the bedroom door.

So last night I'm in bed, asleep, and something wakes me. Then I hear something that sounds like tapping on the front door. I ain't going nowhere at that point, just packing death that it's a burglar (yes, of course burglars knock on the door before coming in and stealing your DVD).

But then I'm very much alert. So I get up and open the bedroom door and I can hear my phone ringing - aha, maybe the tap on the door is friend and not foe.

And then I hear my partner calling my name - she's lost the house keys and has been trying to wake me for about 15mins without waking the rest of the street.

So that just topped off a day of mega highs and lows - sheesh, I don't remember killing a puppy and I don't think it was a full moon...

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