Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Days Like These...

What's that song - Mum never said there'd be days like these?


It all started so well - I got to work and before I had to head off to day 5 of the course I've been doing (and the last day) I got an email confirming that my relocation to the Melbourne Office had been approved. Of course I then got up from my desk and did my happy dance - much to the amusement of my co-workers!

Then I realised I'd lost an earring somewhere between home and my desk - no big deal - they were just plain silver hoops that I bought from Diva. But I feel a bit naked without them.

Off to day 5 of my course - the big day where we all had to deliver a 20min training session on which we'll be assessed. Went okay, so I'm happy with that.

During the lunchtime break I checked my emails and got my Ravelry invite - WAHOO! This is me!

Then I had to go to Uni for 3 hrs - two lectures back to back AND I got to pick up my Criminal Law assignment which I didn't do so well on. I passed but I'm VERY disappointed with the mark and I honestly think I've been jipped :-(

Ah well, tomorrow's another day and I'm on Ravelry and I'm moving to Melbourne next year. Yes, focus on the good stuff!

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