Monday, December 3, 2007

THE Stash Conversation

Yep, the missus and I had THE stash conversation yesterday (and continued today, albeit tangentially)...

First, some background. We're moving to Melbourne - it's like a micro tree/sea change. We're swapping the in-your-face craziness of Sydney for the not quite as bad Melbourne. We really want to live in country Victoria, but without having jobs to go to, it's totally unrealistic. Then of course, I decide to go back to Uni, so that's put another spanner in the grand plan.

But in any case, we really want to be in Melbourne 'cause it's way more arts-focused than Sydney and that's really where our hearts lay - notwithstanding that I'm a public servant in law enforcement and she's (currently) in hospitality.

And we have some good friends there that we really want to spend more time with - and they're in the arts too...

So we're off to Melbourne at the end of March 2008. Yesterday we had a 'meeting' about what we need to do when we're south of the border at Christmas - like sussing out the suburbs and what's available for renting etc. Of course, I mentioned Bendigo Woollen Mills and that's when it happened.

"Why do you need more wool?!" Ummm, because I'm an addict? I only have 7 plastic tubs (I think they're 44litres), and that really isn't very much, is it? And that's what I said to her today. And she's like "by compared to who?" And I said not much compared to other people (read: addicts).

So I guess BWM is off the itinerary until we actually relocate. And I promised myself not to buy any more yarn until we relocate.

And then this arrived on the doorstep:

Uh oh....

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