Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Opera House Debut

One of my passions is singing and to feed that passion I'm a member of a community choir here in Sydney - we specialise in popular music, so there's no Bach or sacred music to be seen anywhere in the repertoire.

We've been invited to form part of a massed choir finale at the Choir of Hard Knocks shows at the Sydney Opera House in July - wahoo!!

The Choir of Hard Knocks is a wonderful group of disadvantaged and homeless people in Melbourne brought together by Jonathon Welch, who dead-set deserves a medal for what he's doing down there.

Anyhoo - that's why there's the counter at the bottom of the page. I've never sung at the Opera House, and now all of a sudden I get the opportunity to do three shows over two days in two different theatres.

Too cool for school!

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Bells said...

that must have been an awesome event to be part of. I think Mr Welch deserves some serious recognition - Australia Day honours at the very least.